Post Op Dolls

Important Info:

  • Please bring your faja to your appointment. It is best to compress immediately after your lymphatic massage to encourage lymphatic flow.
  • Avoid salt, seafood, fried foods, sodas, alcohol, processed meats like hotdog, salami, and bacon, refined grains like rice and pasta. These foods all contribute to inflammation and swelling.
  • I am not a doctor but some girls find it VERY helpful to take pain medication 30 minutes prior to their massage.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after your massage to assist with draining.
  • I will not tape you before 4-6 weeks post op. Taping DOES NOT assist with skin tightening. in fact it can cause more harm than good when taped too soon.
  • I do not reopen incisions. Fluid is drained through your lymph nodes and is released when you go to the bathroom.
  • Packages are offered as long as the schedule permits. If the option is available, we will book all of your future appointments over the phone after you book the initial appointment.
  • Cavitation and RF  is ONLY recommended 6 months AFTER liposuction.
  • Each massage can last up to 50 minutes or less. I do not force fluid to move therefore the less fluid you have, the shorter the massage. Regardless of how much fluid you have, you must book under lymphatic massage only. 
  • Please do not bring guest to your appointment. They will be asked to wait in the lobby.