Positive Touch Therapy Wellness Spa

Hair Removal

Positive Touch Therapy uses the Nufree Nudeness system. Nufree Nudeness is not a wax, it's made from soy and botanicals. It is scientifically tested and does not uses no animal products. It is a self preserving  anticromial/ anti bacterial so it is clean, germ free and most importantly SAFE. Clients report less pain, irritation and redness when compared to other waxes.

Nufree Soy Brazilian $75

Hard Wax Brazilian $60

Organic Brazilian Hair Removal $70

Bikini $50

Full Leg $50-$100

Half Leg $50

Underarm $15

Chin/ Lip $20

Back/Chest Starting at  $50-$100

Suggested service Enhancement- Honey Heel Glaze